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Aug 16

NARAM 56 Announcement & Event List

NARAM 56 Announcement
2014 NAR Rocketry Festival and National Contest

NARAM 56 will be held July 26 to August 1 2014 in Pueblo Colorado. The event will be graciously hosted by Southern Colorado Rocketeers at their Hudson Ranch site. The event will include the annual National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet, a sport flying range for model and high power rockets, an opportunity for Level 1, 2, and 3 HPR certifications, and many other events that will make this the rocketry event not to miss. Ryan Coleman will be the NARAM Contest Director and he has planned a contest list that has something for everyone. 

The NARAM contest events are:
Monday July 28, 2014
• Set Altitude (160 meters)*
• C Boost Glider Duration (multiround)** 
Tuesday July 29, 2014
• B Payload Altitude
• B Streamer Duration
Wednesday July 30, 2014
• Bx5 Cluster Altitude
• C Helicopter Duration (multiround)**
Thursday July 31, 2014
• D Superroc Altitude
• FAI A Parachute Duration (multiround)** 
Friday August 1, 2014
• Giant Sport Scale
• Concept Scale
All week
• Research and Development

*all altitude events tracked to ejection by theodolite
**flyoffs for a tie will be at the time of range close; there will be a 30 minute flight window and there is no duration max; it will be an unlimited timing round

The contest organizers are also planning fun contest events like a judged classic model contest, quadrathon to be held over the July 26-27 weekend and HPR Contest Events run from the sport range during the week. In addition, the ULA/Ball Aerospace Intern rockets will be launched on July 26. The planning has just begun, so stay tuned for more updates and our webpage launch.